Dynamic Thought Transfer: Consett, Durham, Newcastle


Dynamic Thought Transfer

Dynamic Thought Transfer in Consett. Dynamic Thought Transfer in Durham, Dynamic Thought Transfer in Newcastle upon Tyne, and the North East.

Learn a Powerful Technique that will Enhance and Change Your Life, Dynamic Thought Transfer. 

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The DTT process has been developed with the understanding that the knowledge shared is only the best guess or understanding that science and philosophy has at this moment in time. It is not cast-in-stone; it is only that which can either be understood or experienced at this moment in our evolution. It is not presented to you as truth which will not or cannot be changed ... it is presented as a snap-shot, at this moment in time, for the purpose of enlightenment and healing, with the clear understanding that we will learn tomorrow, as we build upon what we know today. 


The DTT process is a tool for empowering individuals to control thoughts, and rid themselves of negative or destructive behaviour, within weeks of fully participating in the process, not months or years. It does not involve hypnosis, the process teaches participants to take control of their life without intervention from another person. 


The process, based on Existential Person-Centred Therapy, focuses on the freedom of choice in shaping one’s own life. It teaches responsibility, self-determination including self awareness. DTT concentrates on the present, and on the future. It helps clients to make appropriate choices in dealing with the challenges of life. Whereas other therapeutic protocols may keep people in therapy for many months if not years, the DTT process works within weeks. 

WHY … simply because it instructs participants how their body-mind partnership works, then empowers individuals to take control of their lives, by providing relevant techniques as a resource that really work. In this process, the therapist acts as a guide, supporting the client, teaching how to get rid of negative thoughts. 


Dr Gordon F Gatiss developed this process in 2003/2004, since then we have had the privilege to work successfully with clients suffering from many issues including: Abuse (sexual / physical / mental)  Addictions … including alcoholism, drugs, tobacco, food, sex, negative habits Anger Management  Anxiety Bereavement, Bullying (work place, school, family, friends) Confidence building, Depression (severe) Emotional issues Illness (including cancer eczema, psoriasis IBS, migraines)  Jealousy Insecurities Insomnia Pain relief Panic attacks Phobias Relationship issues … emotional problems Stress and PTSD, Trauma, Weight issues … eating disorders 

The age of my clientele has ranged from 7 years to 77 years. For those clients who have fully participated and engaged in the process, the change in behaviour has been significant within weeks of starting the programme.