Dr Gordon F Gatiss (PhD, MA, PGCE, PGDHP)
Existential People Centered Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
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Work Life Balance Consett,Durham,North_East,Newcastle

Work-Life Balance Consett, County Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Darlington, covering the North East

 Don't focus on making a living ... make a life.

An Educational Experience to Enhance and Change Your Life; Work Life Balance North East


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What is the programme about?
This programme has been specially designed and written for Mind For Life, and is a powerful and life changing experience. It will help all participants to reduce and eliminate stress, anxiety and worry from their lives, empowering health and well being. The programme can be run on a one-to one basis or limited to small groups (max 3).

The programme has been developed to ‘blow away’ old thinking and empower the student to realise that YOUR PAST DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE. Experience the ability to control your negative thoughts, eliminate your unhealthy habits and move away from destructive behaviour. This programme will provide the proof, the knowledge and the techniques to make you realise how wonderful you can be.

Aim: To provide participants with the knowledge, tools and ability to make choices that will significantly improve their health, well-being and confidence.

◾Provide knowledge & understanding of personal behaviour and belief system.
◾Provide a tool-kit of practical ways to eliminate and reduce stress, anxiety and worry.
◾Challenge personal belief systems to enable change and growth to occur.
◾Empower self-belief and confidence.
◾Learn to eliminate negative thoughts
◾Learn to create your day
◾Learn to use the power of attraction and intention

Expected Outcomes:
◾Understanding of what affects behaviour.
◾Ability to measure changes in behaviour
◾Practical techniques to control and change behaviour
◾Knowledge of how to meditate for great health
◾Improved behaviour and more constructive belief system
◾Improved confidence and self-esteem