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Learn How to Control Your Food Addiction

Help and support to control your weight

Learn How to Permanently Control Your Weight By
Understanding More About the Food You Eat and
Learn Powerful Techniques Empowering You to Succeed North East


 Recommended Reading:

If you are serious about changing your addictive habits, buy the recommended books above and begin the educational journey that will enhance and change your life. Only you can do this, and it will take investment and time for you to change your belief system and behaviour. Consider ... if 'you' cannot be bothered to invest in some books to change your addictions then do not expect anyone else to do it for you. Instead of focusing on other people to tell you what you already know you should do, read about how to make significant changes in your life by stepping outside your comfort zone and educating yourself to how you have become who you are. When you know who and what you are, and how you have created the 'you' that is reading these words, then you will know how to change your life. The following books have been written by me to support and help clients on this journey. You have to prove to yourself you want to change, then and only then can any therapist help you.

With reference to my weight control programme, I deal with this completely differently from most other practitioners. Let me explain.

It is my experience that many people look at their lives, and decide that, this or that, is not what they want, so they focus on trying to changing the specific ‘thing’ that they are not happy with, like weight problem, or work role, or relationships etc. This all seems logical, but often does not result in the person actually changing anything in the long run because, after a period of time, they usually find they have slipped back into a similar situation.

This occurred in my life, until I realised that I needed to understand and change ‘me’ ... the ‘me’ that was continually doing the same thing over and over again, in different ways, always ending up in the same place.  It was when I reached rock bottom that I decided that trying to change specific elements of my life one at a time was not working that I decided to research how I actually ‘worked’ as a person. I mean not the, ‘woo woo’ stuff or the positive thinking fad that perpetuates our media ... I desired to know how I really worked and to understand what made me ‘me’?