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Stop smoking Consett, stop smoking North East

Need Help to Stop Smoking Consett, County Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Darlington, covering the North East

 Learn techniques to control your gravings.

Learn Powerful Techniques to help you Stop Smoking North East

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I have developed a Tool which records the client's feelings at the start of therapy. This enables me to measure the effectiveness of my therapeutic programme in a dynamic and powerful way throughout the process. This is hard evidence that my programme of healing and change really works in a short time frame of 6 weeks. All it takes is full participation in the programme.

Everyone who smokes does so in the knowledge that they are damaging their health and reducing their life span. Other addictions involving drugs can also have a detrimental effect on health and life expectancy. Making different choices to change behaviour, quitting unhealthy addictions, is not as difficult as you may think.

If you are afflicted with one of these addictions you know the consequences. You may choose to ignore them, perhaps convincing yourself that it will not happen to you, you are different. Whatever your belief system fools you into believing, whatever it is you believe, know this … you are not different … abuse your body and it will do exactly what you train it to do. Whatever you put into your body through your five senses, your body will respond accordingly.

If you truly want to change your behaviour At Mind For Life we have a unique programme that has helped many people change their lives permanently. The corner-stone of the programme is the Dynamic Thought Transfer Technique and our methods of teaching. We do not have any magic formulas or special powers, we do not tell people how to live their lives … what we do is guide, teach, support, and encourage. Every person who has fully participated in the programme has quit unhealthy addictions and created new opportunities in their lives … without exception.

If you are serious about changing your addictive habits, (quit smoking) buy the recommended books above and begin the educational journey that will enhance and change your life. Only you can do this, and it will take investment and time for you to change your belief system and behaviour. Consider ... if 'you' cannot be bothered to invest in some books to change your addictions then do not expect anyone else to do it for you. Instead of focusing on other people to tell you what you already know you should do, read about how to make significant changes in your life by stepping outside your comfort zone and educating yourself to how you have become who you are. When you know who and what you are, and how you have created the 'you' that is reading these words, then you will know how to change your life. The books listed above have been written by me to support and help clients on this journey. You have to prove to yourself you want to change, then and only then can any therapist help you. 

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