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Pain relief Consett, Pain Relief North East

Pain Relief Consett, County Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Darlington, covering the North East

Help and support to deal with pain.

Learn Techniques to Relieve, Surpress and Control Pain North East


When one part of the body has a problem, it sends a signal that something is wrong. It can do this in many ways, but one of the best ways to communicate, is to give the owner of the body, a reminder in the form of PAIN. Pain is a signal from the body telling you that something is not working right. It is a message that indicates that you need to do something to rectify the situation.

What to do about Pain?

Depending upon the pain there are certain actions you can do; the first thing is too determine if it is serious enough to consult a Doctor. Do not take risks with your health; ascertain if the pain needs medical intervention. If it does not, then learning how to control pain, eliminate pain, through hypnosis, through meditation and relaxation techniques, this can greatly assist in healing your body.

At Mind For Life we have a unique programme that has helped many people who were affected by chronic pain. The corner-stone of the programme is the Dynamic Thought Transfer Technique and our methods of teaching. We do not have any magic formulas or special powers, we do not tell people how to live their lives … what we do is guide, teach, support, and encourage; if the client fully participates in the programme then they will be able to reduce (in many cases eliminate) pain.  The relaxation and mediation techniques we teach empower inner body healing.


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