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The Spinning Lady

The Spinning Silhouette Optical Illusion

The Spinning Lady

At first glance the spinning lady appears to be circling in a clockwise motion.  However if you look at the spinning dancer long enough - the lady will appear to change direction and start spinning counter-clockwise. Some people can see the change in direction quickly, many of us need to look at the spinning lady for a longer time ... do persist until you get the lady to change direction. It is a strange feeling.

This spinning illusion has also been referred to as a Right Brain vs. The Left Brain challenge. The change in direction comes about in your your brain as it switches from observing the moving figure with the left hemisphere to observing it with your right hemisphere. This is strong evidence that you view the world differently, depending upon which side of the brain you use to observe. Of course we are unable to control which side of the brain observes our world, this is a skill we do not seem to possess ... how and why it happens is still a mystery, but the more we use our left brain (behaviour) the more biase our perception of the world will become .  This is strong evidence that what you observe is strongly influenced by your belief system, as your belief system creates your behaviour and how you see the world.

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