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Inspirational Poems| Love and Inspiration


Love and Inspiration

Love and Inspiration

Born through mystery: ‘love and inspiration.’
Each fleeting glimpse leaves behind its tentative, textured imprint.
Too quick to fade: like the shadow of my pen,
As it dances across the paper, followed by the words just written.
Always a breadth out of reach, clearly seen, but illusive:
Like the vibrant colours of a dream.
Reliant on the dawn, to break the spell of night.
The dark recedes to unknown realms,
Pursued it runs in fearful flight.

But… ‘Love and inspiration.’
Their hearts appear from softer shades.
Veiled in mystery, its reality beyond me.
Born from soulful seeds, its fertile soil,
Cultivated by sweat and toil,
Hides a truth I fail to see: the wood is hidden by the trees,
And love’s bloom is lost,
In a garden overgrown with weeds.

And with my head in the clouds,
Covered in its damp and misted shroud.
I taste its flavour in every breath,
Yet cannot touch the wonder, the mystery,
Or the hidden secret: ‘that I am one with it all.’
The colours of the rainbow: its shimmering, intense hue.
Its beginning and its end.
‘And love,’ am I, ‘love’ too?
If I’m immersed within its essence…
Will I fall in love with you?

© Nigel Gatiss 19th October 2002