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Inspirational Poems| Life Goes That Way


Life Goes That Way

Life Goes That Way

We long for things and don’t get them.
We break our hearts on a dream.
We give up desires and forget them.
We learn that things aren’t what they seem.

We learn that fame does not matter.
We crush out all thoughts of success.
We learn that life often means taking …
Not enough, but a little less.

We see all our ships ride out past us.
We see all our hopes sail away.
And sometimes we curse and look downwards.
More often we smile and just pray.

Then when life wrings our hearts beyond feelings,
When we have given all that’s worthwhile,
The sunlight breaks out just above us,
And our whole world is lit with a smile.

It’s then that we feel we have been cheated.
That whatever life may have to give,
It can never repay all we’ve been through,
And we don’t really care how we live.

Well … don’t be mistaken by thinking,
That these things have come too late.
For it is never too late to be at Peace,
However long we may wait.

© Muriel Lilian Gatiss (sometime between 1919 and 1999)