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How To End All Conflict

How To End All Conflict.

 The measure of being able to dream is the depth of your understanding.

 Ideologies limit your understanding with rules, do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs. It will not permit analysis of differences, alternatives and choice, which limits understanding through ignorance.

 Ideology weaves a cloak of power, control and division through fear, doubt, and insecurity.

 We should not condemn anyone with an ideological view, for we are all born into that paradigm. Could it be that knowledge needs time to be honed in the furnace of understanding?

 Understanding ranks higher than knowledge, and stands alone on the pathway to Wisdom.

 We are all atoms. Atoms make molecules. Molecules make cells. All life is water contaminated with bacterial cells in form.

 Every conflict should begin with acknowledging the wisdom of this fundamental understanding.

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