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Inspirational Poems| How Do I Say Goodbye


How do I say Goodbye

How Do I Say Goodbye?

Dedicated to my Friend John Martin 13-5-1944 to 12-6-2008
You made a difference John, walk in Peace and Love.


How do I say goodbye?
In those fleeting moments at the end of the day,
When the light that burned so brief and bright
Starts to dim and fade away.

How do I say goodbye?
When the ink of tears which blot this page
Soon disappear and dry.
What lasting thoughts can I convey?
As the last breath drawn… falls from your lips
And its whispered sigh is borne away.

How do I say goodbye?
When the moments are too brief to say
What my heart wishes to say.
If time would only stem its flow…
In that eternal moment,
Would I ever let you go?

How do I say goodbye?
I will cup your face, tenderly,
As on the breeze your soul flies free.
Never will we be apart
I give to you my loving heart.

© Nigel Gatiss Saturday 5th July 2008