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Inspirational Poems| Destiny




Why do we value material wealth,
More than we value mental health?
Why do we value the advent of speed
 Over the value of growing the seed?

Why do circumstance and event,
Affect our mood and behavioural intent?
Why allow our life’s course
To be controlled by an outside force?

Only I can raise my arm ...
With thought internal anger or calm.
When I live for others to control,
I disempower my being and soul.

Can I be sure my thoughts are real?
My behaviour determined by the deal.
What could be, to change my mind?
That single act could save my kind.

To grow the rose, we plant the seed.
I plant my thoughts to grow my greed.
What I allow determines my life.
Without responsibility I walk in strife.

What changes everything is not without
What changes everything is within.
Illusion is the world I see,
What I create for me will be.

The force inside shapes the trait ...
Regret, doubt, fear insecurity and hate.
How did they get there? Not by circumstance or event,
We put them there with purposeful intent.

This is my life, my time to be,
Whatever I desire of me.
It is within; I have the key,
To shape my own destiny.

Copyright Gordon F Gatiss (April 2010)