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Inspirational Poems| Beside the Sea at Whitby


Beside the sea at Whitby (Poem)

Beside the sea at Whitby

You come and go in silence:
Like summer scents rest on the breeze,
Tasted in each gentle breath,
Heard in the voice of rustling leaves.

And as autumn’s sun warms my face,
With eyes closed, I retrace,
Memories distant,  
The long shadows cast,
Heart-felt, precious moments from our past.

Your delicate perfume lingers here,
I deeply breathe its essence,
And feel your presence near.
Your captive smile still charms me,
And your eyes of starlight-blue,
I can even hear, the breathless way,
You whispered… “I do love you.”

And other souls; drawn by solitude;
Sit in silence there.
An old lady rests in her deckchair.
Troubled lines define her cares.
Sodden tissue, full of sorrow,
The heartfelt love-lost moments,
If only we could turn the tide
And bring back all our yesterdays;
Instead of our tomorrows.
Caught in the web of remembering,
Our ghosts go drifting by
And together we sit in silence…
Together we sit and cry.

For the arcades are all closed
And the ice-cream sellers have gone.
Dog-eared posters, worn and torn,
Tell of events
Beyond the echoes of the starter’s gun.
‘You are still here beside me,’
In quiet reverie,
Although in essence, I am alone,
'Beside the sea at Whitby.'

© Nigel Gatiss 2001