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Inspirational Poems| Alone on Waskerley Moor


Alone on Waskerly Moor (Poem)

Alone on Waskerley Moor

We have walked this way before:
Over, Waskerley Moor.
Where once ironclad trains belched loud their call:
Sulphured air in clouds of steam,
Echoed off, dry-stone walls.

Now we’re blessed with quieter days:
With iron rail, turned into trail.
Cinder raked from fires of hell,
Now falls under a whispered spell,
To crunch beneath boot trodden feet,
With only the distant bleat of sheep,
To break the silent breath of spring:
Where flowers bloom, and skylarks sing.

My memories now turn into dreams:
Reflections found in crystal streams,
Vibrant, fresh, and so loving.
I close my eyes… remembering:  
We have walked this way before.

© Nigel Gatiss