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Anger Management North East, Consett, Durham, Newcastle

Anger Management Consett, Country Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Darlington, covering the North East 

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I have developed a Tool which records the client's feelings at the start of therapy. This enables me to measure the effectiveness of my therapeutic programme in a dynamic and powerful way throughout the process. This is hard evidence that my programme of healing and change really works. All it takes is full participation in the programme.


Anger is characterised by an uncontrollable emotional response to an event or situation. People with this strong emotion have similar issues to people who suffer with General Anxiety Disorder; the difference being anger is an external physical emotion often witnessed by others, while anxiety is a internal self- absorbing emotion often unseen by others. Both are deeply controlling for the individual concerned. Get help and Learn to deal with uncontrollable emotional responses, learn to deal with frequent outbursts of anger.

It is usually external events or situations which trigger emotional responses in people. This trigger is a product of the person’s belief system, thinking process and life-style.