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Talking About Depression

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I have developed a Tool which records the client's feelings at the start of therapy. This enables me to measure the effectiveness of my therapeutic programme in a dynamic and powerful way throughout the process. This is hard evidence that my programme of healing and change really works. All it takes is full participation in the programme.

A definition of depression is seen as a mental state of being, characterised by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.

“There is nothing I can do” … “It’s hopeless” … “I am useless” … “Why bother it will not work.” "I feel sad."

This is a condition that generally everyone at sometime in their lives will suffer from. There are many levels of depression, from severe and chronic to mild. There are many causes of depression, which is seen by the medical profession as an illness. I do not see it as an illness but as An Addiction. Depression is self inflicted by the belief system of the individual; you can not catch depression you have to give it to yourself. Depression in many ways is like grief ... a feeling of loss. We specialise in Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to help overcome depression. This type of therapy is approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). Complete the Wakefield Depression Questionnaire and assess your state ...click here for printable (PDF) copy of questionnaire.

At Mind For Life we have a unique programme that has helped many people who were severely, chronically or mildly depressed. The corner-stone of the programme is the Dynamic Thought Transfer Technique and our methods of teaching. We do not have any magic formulas or special powers, we do not tell people how to live their lives … what we do is guide, teach, support, and encourage; if the client fully participates in the programme then they will develop love, value and respect for themselves. Every person who has fully participated in the programme has changed their behaviour and created new opportunities in their lives … without exception.

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