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Dynamic Thought Transfer, Consett,North East,

Dynamic Thought Transfer Consett, County Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Darlington, covering the North East

 A powerful technique to control your thoughts

Learn a Powerful Technique that will Enhance and Change Your Life, Dynamic Thought Transfer North East

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The DTT process has been developed with the understanding that the knowledge shared is only the best guess or understanding that science and philosophy has at this moment in time. It is not cast-in-stone; it is only that which can either be understood or experienced at this moment in our evolution. It is not presented to you as truth which will not or cannot be changed ... it is presented as a snap-shot, at this moment in time, for the purpose of enlightenment and healing, with the clear understanding that we will learn tomorrow, as we build upon what we know today.

A powerful technique to control your thoughts

The DTT process is a tool for empowering individuals to control thoughts, and rid themselves of negative or destructive behaviour, within weeks of fully participating in the process, not months or years. This will have significant influence on all five well-being Elements. It does not involve hypnosis, although hypnosis as a tool can be used within the process if appropriate. Very often it is not necessary, as the process teaches participants to take control of their life without intervention from another person.