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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasises the important role of thinking about what you are thinking and feeling. It is not a distinct therapeutic technique as there are various approaches to CBT including Rational Emotive Therapy, Rational Behaviour Therapy, Rational Living Therapy, and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. Most CBT therapies have the following principles;
◾CBT is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviours, not the external events, people, or situations.
◾CBT is considered to be quick in obtaining results.
◾A sound therapeutic relationship is necessary for effective therapy.
◾CBT is a collaborative process between therapist and client.
◾Homework is an essential feature of CBT therapy.

At Mind For Life we have a unique programme that utilises some of the basic elements of CBT, however, our techniques have developed the CBT tool into a more powerful and effective process, reducing the client time spent in therapy. The corner-stone of the programme is the Dynamic Thought Transfer Technique TM plus our methods of teaching. We use techniques that emulate Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to help overcome depression using Meditation as the foundation. We do not have any magic formulas or special powers, we do not tell people how to live their lives … what we do is guide, teach, support, and encourage; if the client fully participates in the programme, then they will develop enthusiasm and curiosity about this Earth Experience, valuing health.  Every person who has fully participated in the programme has created new opportunities in their lives … without exception. It should be noted that the NHS and NICE approve of CBT in certain circumstances only, as they recognise that CBT is not the right therapy for everyone or for every problem.

Print off and complete the questionnaires below to assess your General Anxiety and Stress levels.

General Anxiety Questionnaire (PDF document)

Life Stress Questionnaire (PDF document)

Personal Stress Questionnaire (PDF document)

Wakefield Depression Questionnaire (PDF document)


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