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Inspirational book Where Were You Before You Were Born?

Where Were You Before You Were Born?


A challenging thought provoking story of life changing questions.

Where Were You Before You Were Born?

The first book in the series: The Journals of Mark London

All characters are fictitious, but resemblance to real life is intentional. The story, although made up, is an amalgamation of my imagination, which is born from experiences. The messages contained in the narrative are not the truth, but my best guess and understanding of available knowledge, for you to reflect on.

He was found in a cardboard box, and then suffered sexual and physical abuse, followed later by deep loss leading to isolation and depression. Dependent upon alcohol to survive, he is within seconds of jumping to his death when a stranger pushes a card into his hand with a question written on it. The question leads to more questions, challenging his belief system, developing a deeper understanding to the meaning and purpose of life.

An audio extract from the book:

"The Spirit Carries On" by Dream Theater


Maureen Fearon ... Emotional Therapist ... http://www.bereavementangels.com


ISBN 978-0-9568590-4-4
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