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Trapped in Amber


A manula to help you control and change your life.

Trapped in Amber (A Manual for Changing Your Life)

An inspirational book.
A book for the person who is serious about enhancing and changing their life; written by a Psychotherapist from personal experience, and of working with many people. The narrative explains a radical proven way of making beneficial changes in your life. The processes and techniques explained are the results of working with clients since 2002. Hard empirical data has been collected since 2008, showing that clients who fully participated in the programme, significantly improved their well-being and health in weeks, not months. The narrative is thought provoking, challenging and different, but the words are supported with sound reason and explanation. This is a ‘how to book’ for those who are serious about finding the desire within to change their life; it will provide the know-how, and understanding behind the process of change that has rarely been explained before in one edition; empowering the reader with knowledge and possibilities.

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"The Answer Lies Within" by Dream Theater

ISBN 978-0-9568590-0-6
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Also Available as eBook on Kindle, Kobo Reader, and on Sony Reader from Waterstones, also on iBook for Apple devices
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