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Inspirational Books,Enki's Story

Enki's Story ... The Beginning:

Why You need to change your mind to change your life.


A powerful gripping story of change

A Novel:
This wonderful experience on the Planet Earth is sustained by many in a trance of illusion. The illusion is fed and watered through the drugs of the mind that create doubt, fear, and anxiety. Read the following story of how Enki, who is trapped in the illusion, serendipitously walked a path of enlightenment. As the pages unfold you will discover, like Enki, how people become who they are, and you will learn some new and powerful techniques to make meaningful, sustainable and beneficial changes in your life.

An audio extract from the book:

ISBN 978-1-84799-654-1

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Also Available as eBook on Kindle, Kobo Reader, and on Sony Reader from Waterstones, also on iBook for Apple devices
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