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Direction of Travel

Direction of Travel



Relationships, addictions, ideologies, beliefs and negative behaviours, the common constituent parts of this thing we call ‘life’. There are many books that tell you how to change your life; there are books that tell you why. There is now a book that asks you questions you’ve never been asked before to challenge your perception, beliefs and behaviour.

A unique book where the narrative in novel form, takes your mind on a journey of exploration. Beginning his life by being left in a cardboard box under a statue from which he will take his name. The story of the main character unfolds with abuse, bullying, isolation, to love, and then deep despair as the unthinkable happens.

Then within moments of attempting to commit suicide, the voice of the narrative is handed a question that saves his life. For the next few years more life changing questions mysteriously appear which take Mark London on a journey of growth, empowerment and possibilities. As the Universe guides serendipitous events, he encounters personal challenges, one of which puts his very existence into peril with unexpected out-of-body experiences.  

The book is packed with challenging questions and mind bending ideas and theories that will engage and make the reader reflect. The narrative is so strong that just reading it will change the way you think about life. Questions like: Where were you before you were born? Who is the observer of your life? What is the purpose of your life? What is the most important thing in your life? Why are you over weight? What is consciousness? These are just some of the many thought provoking questions responded to with deeply provocative responses and innovative suggestions.

The circumstances narrated in the book, cover relationships, addictions, ideologies, beliefs, and negative behaviours in a unique and fast moving story; showing how the characters encounter such adversity, by explaining how the human body creates the world in which we live, and suggests techniques to control responses.

The unthinkable ending will leave you desperate for more.

Using my experience of helping many people inflicted with the common constituent parts of life, gives this book validity, depth and a touch of reality. The story is based on real events that will relate to many people. A story told through narrative that asks profound and important questions, which are examined in a provocative and reflective dialogue.

It has been suggested that the book would make a wonderful film.

 ISBN: 978-1-326-44205-7 ... Click here to go to Amazon Books: