Dr Gordon F Gatiss (PhD, MA, PGCE, PGDHP)
Existential People Centered Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
Established since 2002
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Ask yourself four questions:
1.How much of your world is due to the way that you think?
2.Can you be absolutely sure that what you believe is true?
3.Are your feelings and behaviour affected by what you believe?
4.Who could you be without your current belief system?

Therapy should not be just a reflective process or just a talking process. It should also be a learning process. Reflecting and talking may identify alternative strategies for existing behaviour, which will need to be implemented with your existing skill-set. Education will establish new skills and techniques, enabling change in your belief system and behaviour, empowering you to make new choices for the rest of your life.

I have a programme of change based on educating and teaching; who you are, how the mind and body connection works, and how to control thoughts, thus changing your belief system and invoking new behaviour. My methods are unique to Mind For Life as they have been developed from personal experience, and over many years of working with clients. I have hard evidence to demonstrate that my methods are very effective, can be taught in a short time period, and work. The Dynamic Thought Transfer Process has been effective with:
Abuse (sexual / physical / mental)
Addictions … including alcoholism, drugs, tobacco, food, sex, negative habits
Anger Management
Bullying (work place, school, family, friends)
Depression (severe)
Emotional issues
Illness (including cancer eczema, psoriasis IBS, migraines)
Pain relief
Panic attacks
Relationship issues … emotional problems
Weight issues … eating disorders